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Notable Cases

ACHG handles virtually every type of criminal matter—from pre-arrest investigations through formal prosecutions, trials and appeals in both the state and federal courts.

Our attorneys know that many of their most significant victories never reach a courtroom. These “quiet” success stories spare the clients and their families untold emotional trauma, embarrassment, and expense.

The firm is committed to achieving success at minimal cost to the client. At the same time, ACHG lawyers know that the surest avenue to success at even the earliest stages of the process is to have total command of the facts and of the law and to demonstrate to the prosecutor that we are thoroughly prepared to fight through trial and even appeal, if necessary.

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  • In United States v. an Energy Plant Supervisor, the new operator of a major energy plant accused the predecessor company’s managers of illegally dumping toxic materials. At trial, our attorneys cross-examined the government’s star witness and proved that he was lying and was himself an environmental offender. After the prosecution rested its case, the judge dismissed all the charges.
  • In United States v. an Accounting Partner, a former partner at KPMG was charged in the Southern District of New York with what the government described as the largest illegal abusive tax shelter in history. After lengthy pretrial litigation, our lawyers succeeded in convincing the judge that all charges should be dismissed because of government misconduct. The government appealed to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. Teaming up with lawyers for the co-defendants, ACHG prevailed for the client on appeal. All charges against our client were dismissed.
  • In People v. an Individual Charged with Murder, a high-profile sports agent was charged with murder for hire and conspiracy to murder a competitor. After a first trial ended with a hung jury leaning toward guilt, the ACHG team took over. The team reinvestigated the case and revamped the defense strategy. After a second trial lasting ten months, the jury deadlocked 11 to 1, with the majority of jurors voting to acquit. All the charges were then dismissed.
  • In United States v. an Individual, the client was arrested in his home after police discovered a methamphetamine laboratory during a purported probation search. Our lawyers challenged the legality of the search. After losing a motion to suppress in United States District Court, we appealed and won in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Thereafter, the government took the case to the U.S. Supreme Court where, after oral argument, our team convinced a unanimous Court to uphold the Ninth Circuit’s decision. The case against our client was dismissed.
  • In People v. an Individual Charged with Attempted Murder, the client was wrongfully convicted of shooting two men and was serving a 29-year sentence when his family came to ACHG. Pursuing the appeal process over seven years, the ACHG team eventually prevailed on a federal writ of habeas corpus. After representing the client in a re-trial, ACHG lawyers obtained the client’s freedom.
  • In People v. an Professional Football Player, the client was a former number one draft pick for the Oakland Raiders who was charged with rape by drugging the complaining witness to induce unconsciousness. After ACHG lawyers aggressively cross-examined the complaining witness, her friends and the prosecution’s expert, all charges were dismissed.
  • In People v. a Financial Consultant, the client was charged with more than 30 felony security fraud counts in what the California Attorney General described as the largest ponzi scheme in the state’s history and the press referred to as California’s “Madoff Case.” The client, a partner in a financial consulting firm, faced a potential sentence of more than 25 years. After two weeks of hearings and extensive cross-examinations, ACHG lawyers succeeded in convincing the Attorney General to drop all felony charges against the client.
  • In People v. a Medical Professional, the client, a doctor at Stanford Medical Hospital, was charged with defrauding her elderly grandmother and then committing elder abuse causing her grandmother’s death. During the trial, our lawyers showed that the charges had been contrived by jealous and angry relatives who had been removed from the deceased’s most recent will. All charges against the client were dismissed.
  • In People v. an Chemical Plant Manager, a mid-level supervisor was singled out as the scapegoat in a deadly chemical-plant explosion. After conducting an extensive investigation involving scores of witness interviews and expert consultations, the ACHG team convinced the prosecutor that the evidence did not support criminal charges against the supervisor.
  • In United States v. a Financial Advisor, our client was one of the individuals caught up in the Wedtech scandal that reached all the way to office of United States Attorney General Edwin Meese. After months of trial, the client was acquitted of most charges and convicted of only a few counts. Then, on appeal, our lawyers convinced the Second Circuit Court of Appeals that the conviction rested on the perjured testimony of a central prosecution witness. All of the convictions were reversed.