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Technology for Complex Discovery

In a modern criminal practice, technological sophistication is an imperative.

White collar litigation means documents—sometimes millions of pages of documents—in many different forms: boxes of paper, emails in various digital formats, hard drives, and databases of all types and sizes. Protecting the client often entails a search for the “needle in a haystack”—finding that critical email buried in the morass of discovery.

Large firms require entire departments to manage discovery. This is prohibitively expensive, and the lawyers are often disconnected from the evidence by technological barriers.

At ACHG, we use more efficient and cost-effective methods for managing cases with voluminous, complex discovery. Rather than using a separate department, ACHG lawyers supervise a small number of highly-skilled discovery experts retained on an as-needed basis who handle discovery in a way that facilitates the lawyer’s work. Our lawyers take a hands-on, computer-savvy approach to analyze the evidence. We work closely with our discovery experts, and each ACHG attorney is trained to use cutting-edge technology, databases and search tools.

The results are impressive. For example, in a tax case involving more than 20 million pages of documents in every conceivable format, with 19 co-defendants and some of largest firms in the country representing them, ACHG took the lead in managing the discovery. In addition to providing our co-defendants with access to the documents, we managed our client’s case efficiently and successfully for a fraction of the cost that a larger firm would require.