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Our Practice Areas

ACHG handles virtually every type of criminal matter—from pre-arrest investigations through formal prosecutions, trials and appeals in both the state and federal courts.

Our attorneys know that many of their most significant victories never reach a courtroom. These “quiet” success stories spare the clients and their families untold emotional trauma, embarrassment, and expense.

The firm is committed to achieving success at minimal cost to the client. At the same time, ACHG lawyers know that the surest avenue to success at even the earliest stages of the process is to have total command of the facts and of the law and to demonstrate to the prosecutor that we are thoroughly prepared to fight through trial and even appeal, if necessary.

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Here are some of our areas of expertise.

Antitrust Violations

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Fraud, Tax and other Financial Offenses

Securities Fraud and Insider Trading

Grand Jury Investigations of Corporate Officers and Employees

Environmental Violations

Import/Export Crimes

Theft of Trade Secrets and Intellectual Property

Appeals and Habeas Corpus

Juvenile Cases

General Crimes

Assault, Battery, and Domestic Violence

Medical Marijuana Cases

Narcotics Cases

Sex Offenses

DUI and Traffic-Related Offenses

Defending Professional Athletes

Defending Physicians, Attorneys, Accountants and Other Licensed Professionals.

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