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“Our job is to help people in trouble. We think everyone deserves a chance. We hate the power of an abusive government to unfairly deprive people of their liberty. We fight back.”

Ted Cassman

Ted W. Cassman

Named one of the Best Lawyers in America every year since 2003 and a Northern California Super Lawyer since 2004, Ted Cassman enjoys a statewide reputation as a brilliant and zealous criminal defender. A seasoned trial lawyer with more than two decades of experience in both the federal and state courts, Ted is one of those rare trial attorneys who is as comfortable with the pen as he is in the courtroom. He is a constitutional law and appellate expert whose prodigious memory and keen eye for detail make him as formidable behind the scenes as he is in front of a jury.

Ted was co-counsel in the law firm’s successful five year defense of FedEx which culminated in the prosecution’s dismissal of the 18 count indictment after one week of trial. United States v. FedEx Corp., No. 14-cr-380 (CRB). The government’s surrender resulted from the meticulous development of defense evidence as well as the pre-trial motions which dismissed counts and limited prosecution evidence. Ted played a leading role in every aspect of the case.

Ted’s other recent cases include allegations of federal money laundering, mail and wire fraud, securities fraud, insider trading, off-label marketing, environmental and antitrust offenses, and trade secrets theft. His practice also spans a broad spectrum in the state courts, including drug trafficking, sexual assault, juvenile matters, arson, manslaughter and murder. Whenever possible, Ted’s focus is to use his legal skills to help his clients successfully avoid prosecution altogether.

Principally responsible for the firm’s appellate practice, Ted has had remarkable success in persuading both the state and federal courts to overturn numerous unfair rulings and verdicts against his clients. Many of the cases in which he served as lead appellate attorney have resulted in published appellate opinions, setting important precedent for other state and federal courts. Ted has appeared before the California Supreme Court, and he wrote the briefs in U.S. v. Merchant, a case in which the firm prevailed in the U.S. Supreme Court on important Fourth Amendment issues.

Ted writes or supervises all of the legal motions that help the ACHG team shape their defense strategy in virtually every case. If there is a flaw in the charges or a hole in the prosecution’s case that will bring victory before the case goes to trial, Ted will find it. “In pretty much every case I’ve ever won,” says Cris Arguedas, who has worked with him since the mid-1980s, “it’s because Ted has gotten some evidence excluded, or a favorable jury instruction, or won a set of evidentiary points.”
Over the years, Ted has also been extremely active in the California criminal defense bar, notably as a member of California Attorneys for Criminal Justice. In 2009, he served as President of CACJ. In 2010 and 2011, Ted was a member of CACJ’s Executive Committee and was President of the CACJ Foundation. Ted is also co-author of CACJ’s weekly email update of important developments in criminal defense law.


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