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We Take Our Mission Seriously

We aggressively pursue every avenue of defense available to our clients under the law.

We are determined to vindicate our clients’ fundamental rights in the face of law enforcement misconduct and governmental excesses.

We strive to champion our clients’ rights against a government with virtually unlimited power and resources.

We take pride in the fact that, as criminal lawyers, we are also constitutional lawyers defending the Bill of Rights.

We demand that the system respect our clients as individuals.

Criminal Defense Is Our Specialty

Criminal defense is all we do at ACHG. Before joining our team, several of our attorneys worked as public defenders or appellate lawyers; even our administrative staff has a criminal justice background.

We are well known for our ability to explain and defend a case to a jury. We are equally adept at the less visible aspects of defending clients: pre-indictment investigation, writing motions to limit evidence and shape a case, negotiating with prosecutors, and if necessary, appealing adverse verdicts to higher courts. This versatility and depth of experience mean we can do whatever it takes to get the best possible results for our clients.

We Take Care of Our Clients

At ACHG, we don’t just care about our cases, we care about the people we represent. We recognize that someone who has been accused of a crime—even a minor one—isn’t merely in trouble, but in crisis. We believe that our job includes helping our clients come through this difficult period with dignity and the tools they need to get their lives back on track.

In high-profile cases, we try to protect our clients from the media spotlight, if at all possible. If “no publicity” is not an option, our extensive media experience helps us ensure that press coverage is more positive than it might otherwise be.

We Are Fighters

Several years ago, in a law review article on the duties of a criminal defense lawyer, former partner Cris Arguedas wrote, “[As] the last line of defense between an individual and a government trying to imprison that individual, our efforts must be wholehearted and unending on behalf of our clients.” That philosophy guides the entire ACHG team in every case we take on. We don’t merely litigate cases; we fight—every day, in every phase of a case—to win.